Benjamine Kelly


Stack Overflow July 2018-Present
Software Developer


  • Development on the Stack Overflow for Teams product offering
  • Implementing reusable JS components in Stacks
  • Developing robust integrations with vendors such as Slack

Softrip, LLC May 2013-July 2018
Senior Developer, Lead Applications Architect

Selected Accomplishments

  • Lead architect / developer on next generation core business offerings
  • Complete js routing + view framework for core backoffice system
  • JS Template engine w/ two-way data binding and in place updates


  • Designed and wrote a multi-tenanted travel reservations system w/ integrated, highly dynamic CMS
  • Proctored and administered technical interviews
  • Testing suite that provides a local SQL DB and shims calls w/ test data automatically


BS Computer Science Class of 2013
Ursinus College

Undergrad Coursework

Technical Accomplishments

Small group, single topic focused sharing, rating, tagging, reviewing platform with a fine-grained control system; Monetized via Amazon Affiliate Program links
dotnet core + mvc + entity framework on Linux/NginX + SQL Server


Real-time dungeon map creation / player collaboration system
nodejs + (websockets) + canvas (frontend)


Local multiplayer action/card-based combat game
java + libgdx

Notable OSS Contribution - google/material-design-lite

Component billed as major feature for release 1.2.0


Web-based tool to create posters of logos laid over code
javascript + canvas + Bootstrap 4



  • C#, JS (+ Html5, CSS3), Regex, VB.NET, T-SQL (MS Sql Server)
  • Python, Java, C++

Frameworks / Libraries

  • MVC (.NET and dotnet core), Entity Framework, XUnit
  • jQuery, Bootstrap, Gulp, Webpack, Nodejs, Angular, Vuejs, Electron
  • Redis, Android

Operating Systems / Cloud Hosting

Small-Scale Linux Server Administration (Apt based)
  • Cli via Ssh Always Preferred
  • Docker Deployment via CoreOS
  • VM / Container management (KVM / LXC) via Proxmox
  • NFS / SMB / CUPS
  • Nginx
Small-Scale Windows Server Administration (2008 R2 - 2016)
  • IIS Setup + Site Administration
  • Basic SQL Server Setup + Administration
Cloud Services
  • Amazon Web Services
    (S3 + Cloudfront, EC2, RDS w/ Sql Server Express)
  • Azure SQL Server
  • DigitalOcean


  • Visual Studio, IntelliJ Idea (+ Android Studio), vim, Eclipse
  • Linux cli (bash, zsh), Powershell, cmd
  • Docker (creation + deployment), Vagrant


  • TeamCity (setup + usage), Octopus Deploy (setup + usage)
  • IIS, Nginx, LetsEncrypt

Technical Skills

  • Strong application / framework architecting abilities
  • Strong code reading / navigation skills (legacy and foreign codebases)
  • Strong code review + refactoring skills
  • Domain + DNS record management

Non-technical Skills

  • Highly Motivated Self-Learner
  • Strong Leadership + Training abilities
  • Full Touch Typist (~70 wpm)
  • Extensive customer communication / management experience